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Pursuing the day When Everyone Survives by investing in leukemia research.

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About WES

Our mission is to discover a cure and advance treatment for leukemia through investing in new, innovative research. We collect and distribute funds directly to new, advanced research around the world.

The WES foundation provided vital support at a pivotal stage of my career, as I made the transition from pediatric hematology/ oncology fellowship to a faculty position. Funding from the WES foundation allowed me to continue my research, providing that necessary bridge to secure additional funding and a faculty position. But most importantly, it allowed me to continue work that I hope will positively impact the lives of children with cancer.

~ Shannon Maude, MD, PhD

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The quality and breadth of the grants supported by the WES Foundation outstanding. The investigators who have been funded by the WES Foundation include some of the leading researchers in the field. These grants are instrumental in helping researchers obtain National Institutes of Health NIH-RO1 funding. The WES Foundation has essentially no overhead and distributes nearly all of the money raised to support leukemia research.

~Edmund K. Waller, MD, PhD, FACP

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