Current leukemia treatments are rather harsh and the side-effects are less than tolerable. Beyond that, many of the side-effects are cumulative and, therefore, more painful to endure. Some patients undergo bone marrow transplants, the only ”known cure” for leukemia.  Many will be successfully cured of the leukemia, only to fall victim to their body’s inability to re-acclimate after the transplant. Despite the fact that some do get better and go into remission, there doesn’t seem to be much “selective treatment” for the disease. The treatment isn’t often tailored to the specific patient. In general, everyone seems to get the same chemotherapy, for the same period of time, in the same order and alterations are made only upon a failure in the body response.

What is now being offered is all that is known to do. But what’s known, isn’t enough. We must find more choices that produce better outcomes.

For that reason, we have chosen to specialize in searching for cures in an effort to find more treatment options or enhance the ones currently known so that they are less harsh and more patient friendly. For that reason, we search. To learn more about the research funded by When Everyone Survives Foundation, simply click on the funding year above.