This page is dedicated to news about leukemia research. Here you’ll find information about some of the cutting edge stuff, not yet approved but under investigation. Clinical trials and changes in treatment modalities will be highlighted on occasion as well. It is the hope that one of these items found on this page will one day be the answer for When Everyone Survives. 

New Leukemia Breakthroughs 

Winshape to celebrate 5,000th bone marrow transplant patient

Studies of personalized cell therapies define optimal doses

Novel Cancer Treatment at KU Signals Start of 'Remarkable Revolution' 

Stanford scientists make leukemia 'grow up' and eat itself 3/19

Setting Cancer Cells on the Right Path: A New Leukemia Drug Shows Growing Promise 2/30

The Loop That Leads To Leukemia 1/22

Oral inhibitors shows clinical activity in poor-prognosis acute myelogenous leukemia 1/12

New drug provides fresh hope for leukemia patients 12/8

Benefits Persist in T Cell Therapy for Children with Relapsed Leukemia 12/6

Genetics of Leukemia Decoded 10/14

FDA designates Novartis-Penn leukemia treatment as 'breakthrough therapy' 7/9

Doctors use "10 Million person" measles vaccine dose to kill cancer 5/15

Drug to Fight Acute Myeloid Leukemia Is Within Grasp of Researchers 5/8

Agios leukemia drug shows promise in tiny, early study 4/4

New approach to leukemia testing may better define prognosis, treatment 3/14

'Living drug' kills leukemia in 88 percent of patients 2/2014

Researchers discover promising new approach for leukemia treatment 2/2014

Cancer researchers discover pre-leukemic stem cell at root of AML, relapse 2/2014

Chemical Stem Cell Signature Predicts Treatment Response for Acute Myeloid Leukemia 2/14

A Pill "Melts Away" Common Form of Leukemia 1/2014

Mutation in bone cells may cause acute myeloid leukemia: Study 1/2014

Antipsychotic Drug Fights Leukemia in Model

Researchers Develop Artificial Bone Marrow